Kooch Combining Spanish Flamenco and Iranian Traditional Music

Kooch: Combining Spanish Flamenco and Iranian Traditional Music

Some musical fusions simply make sense – like mixing classical era music with the rock and roll of the United States. Others may not seem so sound at first thought – like mixing flamenco of Spain and Central America with traditional Iranian music. But that’s exactly what the band Kooch does, and they do it so well that they’re quite successful. Let’s take a minute to review the band’s history, shall we?

The Beginning of the Band

The Kooch Band is not a very old band, as it was formed just a few years ago in 2011. The three members, Mohammad Moezzen, Vafa Mesbahi and Mohammad Reza Raeesi, may not sound like they would have the experience necessary to sound great when playing Spanish guitar and other instruments related to flamenco, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Although the group isn’t currently on tour, they made a great time of playing live shows all around Iran, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan and other countries in the surrounding area. With their passion for music both domestic and foreign, along with the ability to string the two together seamlessly and show they are actually more similar than dissimilar, the band makes for a surprisingly enjoyable listen.

Making the Music

By combining together the classic sounds of traditional Iranian music from their homeland with the speedy strings and sultry sounds of foreign flamenco music, The Kooch Music Band creates truly unique content that is in a niche all its own, mostly because nobody else makes the kind of music that these three men do.

With input from the three main members, two of whom are bona fide composers themselves, music from Kooch is a real collaboration between all the members, which may have some bearing on the quality of its sound. If you haven’t heard them before, it’s a unique sound you probably wouldn’t expect. On the other hand, if you have heard them, then you know exactly what we’re talking about.

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Exotic Musical Instruments Around the World

When talking about exotic musical instruments around the world, it’s kind of difficult to nail down any type of list because of one very important point. By definition, exotic things are “originating in or characteristic of a distant foreign country”, which means things that are exotic to a European, for example, can be common and normal to an Australian.

The Sitar

A classic Indian musical instrument which has a highly distinctive sound, the sitar is a stringed instrument where sound is produced by plucking the strings. It was made very popular in Western culture by the Beatles, who featured the instrument with some prominence in hit songs like “Love You To” and “Within You Without You”.

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5 Reasons Music Could Get You Feel Good

5 Reasons Music Could Get You Feel Good

There are lots of reasons people listen to music, including the following.

  • To get pumped up, as in players getting ready for a sporting event
  • To boost morale, as in soldiers on a battlefield
  • To kill time, as any bored person with musical taste can tell you
  • To relax, especially when talking about binaural beats

But the main reason people listen to music is probably just to feel good. The effects of music on the mood of the listener are well documented, but what is the specific benefit music provides which leads to those good feelings? Let’s talk about it.

Music Sets a Tempo

The rhythm in a song can create a tempo for the listener which they normally would not be able to make on their own. This shows up a lot in heavy exercise, where music can help a person to develop a rhythm in their lifts, squats, springs and other movements. Studies have drawn links between listening to music while working out and getting a better workout because of it – very interesting stuff.

Music Improves Quality of Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important things for maintaining good physical and mental health in people, and the ability of music to help improve quality of sleep definitely makes listeners feel good, or at least better than they normally would after a poor night’s sleep.

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